7th Season Studios Concept Photography Experimental Photography Quarantine Experiment 2020

Quarantine Experiment 2020 – Project 2

Day 2

Assignment: Create a Paper Tear Brush

Step 1 – Take a picture of some torn paper on a black background.

For this step I used medium weight sketch paper for the paper tears. I shot the pictures with my iPhone XR, on black foam board. I shots these in my photo studio – grow closet. There is a large grow light in there that I used to light the pictures, that is why the black foam board is so blown out.

Step 2 – Make a tear brush.

Take the paper tear images into Affinity Photo or Designer and create a brush. This is where Jeremy is awesome, he walks you through the steps on how to take the pictures above and turn them into a negative.

Step 3 – Choose a background.

I chose a background shot with an iPhone XR at an ice bar in Austria.

Step 4 – Apply Layers and Masks to achieve desired effect.

For me, this is the fun part. Jeremy does a great job of explaining how to make the picture below.