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Dreaming of the Sea

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Comet NEOWISE from Mt. Shasta, CA

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Fourth of July Fireworks 2020

Bridgeport, California was one of the few rural communities to put on their annual fireworks show this year.

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Tlaquepaque – Sedona, AZ

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Earthquake 6.5

I live in a geologic area know as “Walker Lane”. The link below is an article on the area.

I was out near the epicenter in April shooting some old mining buildings. These buildings were built in the late 1800’s and I was curious to see the damage they sustained.

Here are the before and after pictures.

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Wild and Free

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Ludwig Mine
Smith Valley, Dry Lake Bed, Pinenut Mountains
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Painted Pavers

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Totally Narcissus

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Counting Stars

Self quarantine from the house, to the truck, to the ghost town of Candelaria, Nevada. Just me, the dog, and the ghost of miners of days gone by watching Venus conjoining with the Seven Sisters.

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Quarantine Experiment 2020 – Project #4

Project #4 – Putting a woman (something) under/in glass.

For this composite image, I went back to last summer’s vacation photos.

This is Rachel. She lives at the Alien Research Center, Crystal Springs, NV. Now that tourism is shut down, Rachel decide to go back home.

This is Groom Road, just off Highway 375. This road leads into the infamous Area 51 – Groom Lake.

I wanted a night sky for my composite image. I shot this one not too far from home.

For the project, I need an image of a glass. Keeping it simple, I just took a picture with my iPhone and did a basic shot in my closet studio.

The trick to making this composite is getting the images in the proper order and using the correct blend mode and a mask on the glass layer to make the background show through. A light filter gives the beaming up effect.